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Every Wednesday morning at 10:30am for the past ten years my happy place has been on Danie’s massage table.  She is, hands down the most intuitive and gifted therapist I have ever worked with.  As a cyclist, runner, duathlete, busy mom, personal trainer and dietitian, it is the nature of my lifestyle to push my body to its physical limits on a regular basis.  Danie has been instrumental in keeping me healthy and functional so I am able to do the activities that I love.  I have entrusted her with the well being of my children as well – specifically my youngest daughter who is a competitive gymnast.  Danie is exceedingly gifted across the board, and her empathy and insight have allowed her to work wonders as a massage therapist.  I often laugh and shake my head when I walk in to an appointment certain that “these things need to be worked on” only to have Danie begin and say “Hmm, I really think it’s this…”  Sure enough, she’s correct!  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a therapeutic experience like no other.  It’s never “just” a massage with Danie.  She is skilled and gifted beyond words.   N. Ford, Medford, OR

My sciatic often flairs because of repetitive bending and stretching but all is well after having a marvelous session of treatment.  I therefore highly recommend Stuart Robb from Bodyworks for a real body and balance experience.  Once you have the pleasure of real relief, there is no going back for you! – J. Daly, Medford, OR

I came to Bodyworks for a massage, because I had heard great things about their service.  I had recently finished landscaping our front yard and my muscles were very sore.  Jennifer did an amazing massage, she seemed to find every spot that was hurting and I left feeling amazing!  The atmosphere is clean and relaxing.  She was very caring about what I wanted and I will definitely go back. – L. Meyer, Medford, OR

Bodyworks and Body~n~Balance in Medford is the best therapeutic massage in Medford and the place to go for healing bodywork.  I had a deep tissue massage with one of their therapists and after the 90 minute session I was incredibly relaxed and invigorated.  I love this place, and the choice of seven different therapists makes it the only place I will ever need to go for massage therapy.  I can’t wait to try out some of the other specialties they offer.  I would recommend Bodyworks and Body~n~Balance to anyone wanting real healing. – Christopher L, Ashland, OR

I’m an avid believer in maintaining my physical health.  As I become older I realize my bending and stretching has become more of an issue with my overall well being.  I highly recommend massage therapy.  Since I operate a cleaning service and am a hands on employer I highly value my weekly visits to Stuart Robb.  He is an excellent therapeutic touch in my life.

Stuart has a highly skilled way of determining where relief is needed in my back, neck and feet.  My friend is in tune and trained in reflexology, hot stone treatment and even cranial massage.  If I had to pick which area he is the most gifted I certainly could not make a choice.  Because of his genius, I make weekly appointments so I can feel the best of all worlds with his talents.

I have a been a client of BBNB for over 2 years now.  I come in for regularly scheduled bodywork every two weeks.   It is great for me to come to a place where I can see the same therapist regularly where she can get to know my physical challenges.  My therapist listens well to both what I say and what I don’t say.  I don’t think I would be able to manage my chronic pain without the help of the amazing therapists at BBNB.  I highly recommend them.