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More Testimonials from Our Clients

Here are some more great testimonials from our clients;

Bodyworks LLC is a welcoming retreat for health and wellness.  Bodyworks offers professional and knowledgeable care from people who want you to leave feeling better than when you arrived.  They have a competent and experienced staff and they offer a full spectrum of massage therapy.  My husband and I have been loyal clients for 15 years and have helped us mentally and physically. – B. Zitzner, Jacksonville, OR


This is a wonderful place to go.  When I go in and let them know what areas I have issues with they know how to make those area feel better.   I would highly recommend this place to anyone. – Lori Graber


Hi, my name is David. In 2011 I had a spinal cord injury in my neck and I was diagnosed as a quadriplegic. My muscles and tendons became very tight due to my lack of mobility. I started going to BBNB a few months after my injury and they have been vital to my recovery.  The simplest tasks were very difficult for me when I first came to BBNB. I am in a wheelchair so it very difficult for me to get around and often times I can’t fit through doorways. BBNB’s facilities are very accommodating from the bathrooms to the massage tables. They have extra-large rooms and they even lowered the tables for me to make transfers easy.The staff at BBNB are very knowledgeable about the human body. The disconnect between my brain and my body due to my injury was very hard to comprehend. The staff are able to break things down for me to help me understand which muscles control which movements. This has helped me to pinpoint where to focus which has been key to me regaining movement and mobility.


I have very limited mobility so every bit counts. I feel a huge difference after every massage session. I consider massage physical therapy because it resets the damage that I’ve done to my muscles and allows me to continue my recovery in optimal conditions. I can work out harder while preventing injury and setbacks.


The word massage seems like an oversimplification for all of the services that BBNB provides. I now know what things like craniosacral therapy and fascia are. The staff has provided me with therapeutic exercises to do at home. I know that they genuinely care about me and my recovery.


I had almost no movement from my neck down including no use of my hands and legs when I first came to BBNB. I had to have a full time care taker. I now have full movement of the left side of my body including my hand and leg. I also have limited movement on my right side. I can drive again, I can load and unload my wheelchair from my Jeep and I am all around independent. I started my construction company back up and life is good.


Thanks Bodyworks & Body~n~Balance!


Excellent massages and LOVE the sauna! – D. Dill, Medford, OR